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11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine

China zhengzhou huaqiang heavy industry technology co., ltd. Certificações
China zhengzhou huaqiang heavy industry technology co., ltd. Certificações
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11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine

11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine
11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine 11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine 11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine

Imagem Grande :  11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine

Detalhes do produto:
Lugar de origem: China
Marca: Huaqiang
Certificação: ISO
Número do modelo: GS1.0×3.0, GS1.2×4.5, GS1.5×5.0, GS1.6×6.0, GS1.8×6.0
Condições de Pagamento e Envio:
Quantidade de ordem mínima: 1 grupo
Preço: US$3000-8000 per set
Detalhes da embalagem: caixa de madeira ou em uns recipientes ou de acordo com as necessidades do cliente
Tempo de entrega: 10-15 dias de trabalho
Termos de pagamento: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Habilidade da fonte: 100 grupos pelo mês

11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine

Nome do produto: Máquina da seleção do adubo serviço da Após-venda: A instalação do campo, comissão e treinando
Tipo: Adubo que separa a máquina material: aço carbono
Poder (w): 2.2-11 quilowatts Circunstância: Novo

Carbon Steel Fertilizer Screening Machine


11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine

1-5 T/H Capacity Bio Organic Fertilizer Granules Screening Machine


Introduction to fertilizer screening machine

The rotary drum screener machine is a new type of self cleaning sieve special equipment after the relay vibrating screen and the common mesh roller screen. This series of roller type sieving machine is commonly used fertilizer production equipment or in commercial compost facilities, which is mainly used for separating the finished product and returning material, can also classify the product, to get uniform classification of finished products.


Specifications of fertilizer screening machine

Model Barrel Rotation Speed(r/min) Inclination(°) Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Dimension Weight(t)
Diameter(mm) Length(mm) L× W ×H(m)
GS1.0*3.0 1000 3000 22 2-2.5 2.2 1-3 3.5×1.3×2.2 1.5
GS1.2*4.0 1200 4000 16 2-2.5 4 2-4 5.2×1.5×2.4 2.3
GS1.2*4.5 1200 4500 17 2-2.5 4 3-5 5.7×1.5×2.4 2.5
GS1.5*5.0 1500 5000 14 2-2.5 5.5 5-10 6.5×1.8×3.0 3.8
GS1.6*6.0 1600 6000 12 2-2.5 7.5 6-12 7.5×1.9×3.1 4.7
GS1.8*6.0 1800 6500 11.5 2-2.5 11 8-20 7.6×2.2×3.2 6

11kw Fertilizer Screening Machine 0

Working principle of fertilizer screening machine

Rotary Fertilizer screening machine is composed of frame, rotary screen and driving part.

1. The frame of the rotary drum screen machine is welded by high quality steel plate and channel steel, and strictly meets the requirement.

2. The rotary drum is elevated at an angle of 2-2.5°at the feed end. The rotary drum screen machine adopts combined screen, which is installed on the drum that is welded on the main shaft. After the materials enter into the drum through the feed hopper, by the constant rotating of the drum, the materials are screened gradually through different screens. The fine particles passes through the screen and discharges through the outlet at the bottom, while the rough material flow forward along the slope of the cylinder and finally exits at the rear of the trommel screener.

3. Driving part. The motor drives the belt pulley, triangle belt and speed reducer, making the driving shaft rotate. This part adopts pin coupling, which makes it convenient for assembly and maintenance.


Features of fertilizer screening machine

1. Reasonable structure, stable operation, no damage to the rotary machine.

2. Strong adaptability, suitable for processing granules with a broad particle size distribution.

3. Being used in organic and compound fertilizer production lines, behind fertilizer cooling machine


Advantages of fertilizer screening machine

1. Wide adaptability: rotary screening machine is widely used in all kinds of material screening, whether it is fertilizer particles, or wood pellets and other coal materials, all can be successfully screened.

2. High screening efficiency: because the device is provided with a plate cleaning mechanism, in the process of screening, regardless of material viscosity, humidity and miscellaneous, they will not plug the screen through the relative motion of the screen and the body, thereby improving the efficiency of screening equipment.


Application of fertilizer screening machine

The drum type fertilizer screening machine is typically used for fertilizer, power plant, coking plant, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries.

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